Flight Simulator on theiPhone 4
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Flight Simulator Technology

Flight Simulator Science

The Flight Unlimited development team has gone to great lengths to accurately model aircraft flight dynamics. The flight model accurately accounts for changes in thrust, lift, roll, and drag.

Flight Simulator Challenges

Achieving a high level of graphic quality on a mobile platform is a major challenge. Flight Unlimited utilizes a series of performance enhancing techniques to keep the game moving at a fast frame rate. The level of detail that our developers have been able to achieve is quite remarkable. You will notice street signs, stop lights, bus stops, and more. .

Flight Simulator Features

  1. Pilot 8 beautiful aircraft, complete with spectacular glass and metallic reflections
  2. Explore the Bay Area in amazing detail. Satellite imagery, street traffic, and more.
  3. Discover an expansive city with detail never before seen in a Flight Simulator on any platform.
  4. Fly from any camera angle you desire and make use of manual flap and gear controls.