Flight Simulator
Flight Simulator

Flight Unlimited 2K18

- Coming soon to Steam Pre-Release

We are excited to announce that Flight Unlimited 2K18 will be available soon on Steam

Experience the ultimate Flight Simulator. Flight Unlimited 2K18 is a graphically intensive flight simulator that offers 4K HD scenery and over 14 aircraft.

The game is nearing its pre-release on the Steam network. The community is invaluable in our quest to provide the best open world Flight Simulator possible

The city of San Francisco and Las Vegas are modeled with high resolution satellite imagery and highly detailed hotels and buildings.

Can you land on a one lane road? Can you bring your plane in for a safe landing with engine trouble?

In its current state, the game features over 14 aircraft. This number will grow to 25 aircraft

We’re developing a set of 50 campaign missions as well as a unique multiplayer combat mode. Combat mode will feature a handicap system that allows a Cessna 172 to dogfight an F18. We’re also working on an aircraft editor and mission creator.

We realize that in its pre-release state we have a long way to go. Our team is committed to app updates and feature requests. We would love to hear your feedback, contact us